We've got your back

With our in-app videos, community forum and curriculum, you'll be making cool stuff in no time.

Tons of videos to help you

Check out our YouTube channel to learn how to make games like Flappy Bird, create pixel art, and more.

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A community forum to answer your questions

Everyone, from total beginners to experts, can ask and answer questions about making stuff on Hopscotch in our forum.

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Coding curriculum that's actually fun

Help your class, family or friends learn to code. Our peer-reviewed curriculum uses popular games like Geometry Dash to build a foundation in core coding concepts (e.g. sequencing, loops, abstraction, variables, conditionals, etc.).

The curriculum is aligned with the Common Core and Next Generation Science and Engineering Standards, and targets grades 5-8 (though it can be easily adapted for your kids’ needs and experience).

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